I am a compulsive "maker" who has followed my curiosity into many different fields of work and study including animal welfare, trades/construction and the film industry. Primarily inspired by nature, especially animals, my work focuses on biological processes and human cultural relationships to the natural world. I employ a variety of media/ methods including drawing, analogue cinematography, scratch animation and sculpture to re-enchant people with forgotten elements of nature on phenomenological, mythical and personal levels. 

I grew up in Red Deer Alberta, and graduated with honors from the University of Victoria in 2007, majoring in sculpture and drawing. In 2013 I moved to Calgary Alberta where I learned animation and analogue filmmaking at Quickdraw Animation Society. This move opened up many new artistic communities and possibilities that I continue to pursue today. My current focus is on experimental analogue filmmaking, combined with digital editing techniques, but you can still catch me drawing, working with wood, gleaning new materials from trash, beaches and fields or trying to organize community art projects. 

In 2015/16 I ran a small independent art gallery in Calgary, Alberta called The Room Gallery. Click the link below to learn more about The Room and the artists that showed there.